Management of Overt Hepatic Encephalopathy (OHE) Patients

Encourage your hepatologists and their staffs to utilize these tools to monitor their chronic liver disease patients with OHE and support increased adherence to practice guidelines.

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Recognizing hepatic encephalopathy early can facilitate appropriate management and enable preventive strategies to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Use this calculator model to stratify the severity of end-stage live disease in your patient with OHE for transplant planning.

Encourage nurses and other health care providers to utilize this checklist.

Give your liver disease patients with OHE and their caregivers access to these evidence-based support tools and resources (available in English and Spanish) to help impact quality outcomes.

Caregiver and Patient

This tool can be carried by the patient and/or caregiver to help explain HE behaviors and management to others (including health care providers).

This tool discusses certain triggers that can cause HE to get worse.

This tool provides the caregiver important information about medications and symptoms to help their loved one with HE.