Appropriate Identification of Patients With Overt Hepatic Encephalopathy (OHE)

Encourage your staff to utilize these tools to appropriately identify patients who may have OHE.

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Recognizing hepatic encephalopathy early can facilitate appropriate management and enable preventive strategies to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Use this tool while reviewing your patient’s medical history and symptoms. Performing a thorough clinical exam will help rule out other possible causes and confirm the probability of HE.

Use this calculator model to estimate the severity of cirrhosis.

There are a variety of high-risk factors that can contribute to an OHE attack. Use this checklist to confirm what may have triggered an OHE attack and help avoid OHE recurrence in the future.

This 5-minute test assesses cognitive processing and provides valuable screening information on brain dysfunction, cognition, and psychopathology.

Use this resource with caregivers to identify potential mental and physical symptoms associated with HE.

Give your patients who may have OHE and their caregivers access to this evidence-based support tools and resources (most available in English and Spanish).

Caregiver and Patient

This tool can be carried by the patient and/or caregiver to help explain HE behaviors and management to others (including health care providers).

Patient instructions on how to set up emergency services on a digital device.

This video is for patients with HE and their caregivers on how to manage symptoms and prevent the risk of recurrence.