Overt Hepatic Encephalopathy (OHE) Patient at Discharge

Encourage your staff to utilize these tools to appropriately transition patients with OHE.

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Ongoing management and team awareness post-discharge is recommended to reduce the risk of another OHE attack.

Including the caregiver in the care plan when a patient is discharged can increase the effectiveness of care management. Here’s how to set the patient and caregiver up for success.

Identify a caregiver who will help the patient. Use these evidence-based support tools and resources (most available in English and Spanish) to help impact quality outcomes.

Caregiver and Patient

Patient tips for managing hepatic encephalopathy once they are discharged from the hospital.

Mental and physical symptoms of HE that patients with chronic liver disease should be aware of.

Why it’s important for patients to take their HE medications exactly as prescribed for as long as their doctor instructs.

Resources and organizations that can provide information on the condition, patient assistance,
and caring for a patient with a chronic condition.

Patient instructions on how to set up emergency services on a digital device.

This video is for patients with HE and their caregivers on how to manage symptoms and prevent the risk of recurrence.